7 Best Paying Healthcare Jobs That Allow You to Travel

There is a popular misconception that healthcare professionals are perpetually stuck in their hospitals and facilities but this list of the best paying healthcare jobs that allow you to travel will prove that wrong.

Of course, we can easily tell where the misunderstanding comes from. The same way that we believe it is impossible to find at least 7 Legitimate Healthcare Jobs for Stay at Home Moms, it is kind of hard to imagine healthcare professionals doing anything other than living in the hospitals or clinics. Or that the ones who travel for their profession are volunteers who seek out the farthest, neediest corners of the world and are doing it pro bono.

Africa Studio/Shutterstock.com

Africa Studio/Shutterstock.com

But lo and behold, there are actually a multitude of well-paying jobs in the healthcare industry that involve traveling – some more frequent than others. In fact, there is an entire industry of traveling healthcare professionals! These pros take on short-term job contracts, usually 13-weeks long, from one place to another. Finding a job normally involves a recruitment agency who takes care of the hiring and the contracts that are normally 13-weeks long. While the concept does sound a little new and alien to us who do not belong to the healthcare industry, it is actually a common practice and has been around for quite a while. This type of employment is perfect for those who are seeking more freedom in their careers and, of course, those who love to travel. And the pay is not exactly too shabby either – that is, of course, depending on the type of contract, job location, and even the contract duration.

Despite the lucrativeness of it, surprisingly, the jobs offered under the travel healthcare industry fell short of our list of the 7 best paying healthcare jobs that allow you to travel are actually more traditional. They did come close, but not close enough.

To come up with this list, we have used the suggestions from Very Well, Bright Knowledge, as well as popular travel healthcare recruitment agencies like Supplemental Healthcare and Medtravelers to check the list of popular medical careers that offer traveling opportunities. To find out their annual median salary, we used the figures provided by PayScale set to the United States as its base location. For other items on this entry whose salary ranges do not appear on PayScale, we have indicated the source for the figures used in this article.

So, which jobs actually did make it to our list of best paying healthcare jobs that allow you to travel? Check it out!