7 Legitimate Healthcare Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

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Even though healthcare jobs usually mean working at a hospital, we can actually list 7 legitimate healthcare jobs for stay at home mom. Let’s be honest, the claim that a mom’s job is easy and that it includes only sleeping with the baby and singing songs is not true. Most of the time a mother has to stay awake all night or constantly think about the appropriate ways to protect her baby from illnesses and injuries. But when the baby grows up and starts playing alone, mom has more time to relax. After a while, she can even try to change the routine of carrying the baby all day long and actually start earning some money. Mom’s duties are still an obstacle for finding a serious job or making arrangements, but she can choose one of those jobs that can be done from home and in that way increase the household budget.

These jobs have to be both legitimate and with no fees, so moms can be sure that they will not break the law or be deceived. If we avoid some possibly difficult jobs which involve creating an object, knitting or stuffing envelopes, there are many simple jobs which can be done online. Most of them include simple data entry jobs, which everyone can do, and online jobs without investments. If we look carefully at job advertisements, we can see that there are a lot of opportunities to work from home.

These are not simple stay at home jobs for moms as listed in 12 Well Paid Part Time Jobs for Moms. This time we need to find jobs which require some knowledge of medicine and healthcare. Being a nurse or a doctor is never an easy job since we are all literally dependent on people working in hospitals. Their job will change in the future and nurses will have to be well educated and trained to help in many difficult situations, to use technology for that purpose, but they must never forget that humanity and empathy to the patient are always in the first place. Nursing is very difficult and includes many overtime hours, so there are not many people who can do this job. But what happens when a mom of small children with limited free time wants to do this job even though she cannot come to work in a hospital? There is a solution for that situation, too.

We are used to seeing nurses who work in hospitals, but there are numerous jobs related to healthcare that can also be done outside hospitals and medical institutions. If you have been to any hospital recently, you may have seen people who do simple administration jobs, like clerks, they talk to patients on the phone, schedule their medical examinations, work with forms or data, so these jobs can be done at home, too. Additionally, doctors need someone who will understand their hand- writing and decipher the written words so that everyone can read them. This job also includes all those writers and health promoters who use their talents to promote a healthy lifestyle. All of these jobs can be done from home, on a computer or telephone, so practically every stay at home mom can do it.

So, for making this list of legitimate healthcare jobs for stay at home mom, we have used a few very important facts. Working from home means that a person can do those jobs on a computer or phone. We have taken the jobs registered at the Bureau of Labor Statistics just to make sure that every one of them is legitimate. We have used jobs which include flexibility in working time, part-time or flex-time job and we have consulted blogs and forums to see what is usually recommended for stay at home moms when they decide to start working from home. Finally, the given salaries are also from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, but expressed per hour, because moms cannot work long hours during the day and they want to know how much they can earn immediately. Having analyzed all the above-mentioned factors, we have come to the following list of 7 legitimate healthcare jobs for stay at home moms.

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