11 Kid Friendly Youtube Channels to Watch

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Don’t worry parents, with our 11 kid friendly YouTube channels to watch, your kid will be entertained and you will have some badly needed peace.

There is a lot of controversy about kids and technology nowadays. There is almost a unanimous opinion that kids shouldn’t be addicted to technology and that they should be spending more time playing with other kids and doing outdoor activities. While this is true, there are some pieces of technology that can benefit the children in the long run. Dosed properly, they can help them gain knowledge and also have fun. The same goes with the content kids watch these days.

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Alongside all kid – friendly TV channels, there is one more place where your kid can watch quality content. You won’t believe it, it’s YouTube. Although YouTube is full of kid – unfriendly content, there are some channels that offer quality content for children. Watching those channels, your kid can have fun and also learn. These channels are mostly moderated by people who are parents themselves or people that have a goal of spreading knowledge in an engaging way. Before we get to these channels, you may want to check out these Top 10 Funniest YouTube Channels in 2015, to give you something to watch while your kid is in school.

To find out 11 kid friendly YouTube channels to watch, we took an extensive list of kid – friendly YouTube channels made by ABC Kids and checked each one of them for popularity. We picked the 11 most popular ones, according to the number of subscribers and included them on our list of kid friendly YouTube channels to watch. There are channels for various ages here, so it should be something for every child in your family!

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