7 Best Nationwide Gyms for Travelers

If you want to stay fit even though you are constantly on the move you should definitely know more about best nationwide gyms for travelers!

The biggest issue while traveling is that you cannot have strictly established everyday habits. There is no definite time when you take lunch, go for a walk, or do sports. Therefore, almost every traveler has one question in mind – how to get to the gym when traveling? To answer this demand, many gym companies started to think and act on a global level. Why not make gyms worldwide? So, now even though we don’t have a lot of them, they are still in the expanding process. However, in most of the major cities even if you don’t find nationwide gym chains, you can certainly find a local one nearby or possibly in your hotel.

7 Best Nationwide Gyms for Travelers


Another thing that is relatively new is gym travel pass. With it, you ease the process of entering in your gym in any location your gym has a franchise. It allows the use of gym during traveling on the regular basis like you are in your home country. The only thing you have to do is to find and keep going to the gym while traveling across other countries so that you don’t get out of shape. How to do that? Easy – use Google Maps! Most of the franchises are in major cities worldwide. America itself has some of the best gym chains for travelers that we already wrote about. If you are interested to know more check out these two articles about biggest fitness chains in America and most popular gym franchises in America.

To create a list of best nationwide gyms for travelers, we did a lot of gym surfing through the Internet. We took recommendations from various blogs and forums such as the Flyer Talk, the Travel Strong, and the Savvy Stews, to name few. We took into account just the ones that repeated the most and created our list which we additionally ranked by the number of their franchises worldwide. You must wonder if locations of Anytime Fitness nationwide are on the list? We decided to let you figure out that on your own. By simply clicking on the Next button, you can start reading about the results.