11 Biggest Fitness Chains in America

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The business of fitness in America is blooming, so today we give you 11 Biggest Fitness Chains in America. In this list, we present you some of the strongest brands in the fitness industry. You’ll find out which one suits your style and budget the best.

Wait, do you even exercise?

Biggest Fitness Chains in America


Nowadays, it is mandatory to have some basic skills and understanding of fitness. It’s good for your health, you’ll look better, you’ll feel better. You’ll shed those few pounds off. Seriously, if you’re not into working out, you should definitely consider doing some kind of physical exercise or sport, because of your health, and overall body condition.

Today’s list of biggest fitness chains will help you choose, and get some knowledge where to go, and maybe even demystify big fitness centers and put you into more comfortable position, if you’re not feeling comfortable getting a membership of the big and fancy gym.

Big and fancy gym doesn’t necessary have to be expensive. We did some research on that, and listed 7 most expensive gyms in America for you, and with that list you’ll know where you’ll have to pay a weighty amount.

Today is a different story; we’re listing 10 biggest fitness chains in America, the brands that expanded a lot in their success, the brands that earned the trust and loyalty of many people. Those are the places where you won’t go wrong joining in. Let’s look at them.

11. David Barton Gym

First to mention on our list is David Barton Gym franchise. Relatively small but innovative; quality approach to fitness & wellness definitely differentiate the franchise. For the $125 a month you’ll be a part of a beautifully designed and great functioning environment. Multiple interesting programs inspire and keep you entertained while burning calories, and “high quality” is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about this brand.

Biggest Fitness Chains in America


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