7 Best Food Documentaries on Amazon Prime

If you want to know more about the food you are eating, then stay tuned for our list of the 7 best food documentaries on Amazon Prime.

Did you notice how there are more and more types of food and drinks we shouldn’t consume? The type of food that is harmful always depends on the source of information of course. This has always fascinated me. One day I would read that coffee is causing cancer and after, I would read again that coffee helps prevent cancer. Then again, I would find out that some type of food is making me fat just to learn that it helps me lose weight from another source. The best thing of all is that you always read about scientific studies for both claims. These things make me skeptical and unsure about whom to trust when taking food advice. But, it isn’t all about the kind of food, as much as it is the quality of it.

7 Best Food Documentaries on Amazon Prime


One thing that I’m sure about is that we really don’t know what we are eating. This is a huge problem and it doesn’t receive as much attention as it should. Food consumption is at an all-time high and, basically, there is much more demand than supply (at least globally). This is why food producers are compensating by offering low-quality food that is mass produced, and they use various methods to increase their productivity like pesticides, antibiotics, and other chemicals. No one can convince me that it is healthy to eat a chicken that gained 9 pounds in 9 weeks. This isn’t even the worst-case scenario. At least it is some kind of chicken.

In China, there is the possibility you don’t even get that. While doing research for this article, I stumbled upon a report from Al Jazeera about counterfeit food (yes, there really is such a thing). Some Chinese restaurants are using illegal additives containing toxic chemicals to trick their customers into thinking they are eating meat. This is why watching documentaries can do you worlds of good. Lots of documentary makers are trying to raise awareness about these and similar practices by investigating the food we are eating. If you like investigative documentaries on various topics, make sure to check out our list of the 35 Best Documentaries on Amazon Prime.

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Before we start our list of the 7 best food documentaries on Amazon Prime, we have to tell you how we managed to compile it. First, we looked for documentaries related to food currently streaming on Prime Video. After, we ranked the titles according to their Amazon rating and the number of users who rated them (those with 5 or fewer ratings did not qualify). Finally, we calculated the average rating and got the magnificent 7. Now, let’s get to it.