7 Best Drinking Games without Cards for 2 Players

Although choosing the best drinking games without cards for 2 players seems like neglecting all other games (and all of them are favorites), it turned out to be a very interesting job. We have discovered a lot of drinking games for couples we have not even heard of before and found out some interesting tactics and pieces of advice. Did you know that you can play online drinking games for 2? Neither did we, but it seems that people love playing games and having a great time with or without alcohol.

Organizing a party always includes coming up with some interesting games to play and compete with your friends. These games are sometimes very simple and do not include drinking at all. People can play games with cards or dice and that can be interesting enough. However, sometimes more challenging games might be a better choice. If you already have cards and you like playing with them, you can expand the game by including drinking as well. These games can be played by two players or more and they are equally exciting. At this point, our topic is related to the games played only by 2 players.

Whether to play with your girlfriend or your roommate at college – the choice is yours. Since these games are usually played with friends whom you know very well, you can make them more interesting if you decide to play with a complete stranger on a boring Monday evening, too. So, do not hesitate to invite your friend to a bar for an interesting evening, because you can start a great habit of relaxing after a long week and having some fun with your friends for a change. If you want to try something new in your relationship, try playing one of the games from the list of 10 Best Drinking Games to Play with a Girl, since they are an excellent start of a long hot night under the sheets. We all know that a lot of friendships at college start at some crazy parties where exciting games are played. Although it seems a little awkward, drinking with a stranger in a bar might also result in a long, sincere friendship.

Joshua Resnick/Shutterstock.com

Joshua Resnick/Shutterstock.com

Playing drinking games is actually very popular, especially in the US. Many bars organize tournaments in drinking games with cards, dice or darts where contestants are required to drink as a kind of punishment when the game is not played well. There are some games which are truly American, like Beer pong. The game includes ping-pong, plastic cups, and beer. Players try to throw the ball into the cup with beer diagonally across the table. The player who does not succeed must drink the beer from the cup. It is a simple game at first glance, but after a couple of beers, nobody can play it. If you enter a bar and see a table for ping-pong but nobody is actually playing the game with racquets, do not be surprised – they have equipment for Beer pong and nothing else.

At this point, it is necessary to emphasize the fact that drinking large amounts of alcohol frequently can be very dangerous and harmful for both your health and your friendship. People can be very aggressive when they are drunk and they might start arguing or even fighting. Additionally, if these people are involved in a kind of competition, it is even riskier, so it might be the best decision to play these games with people you already know. You usually know how these people behave when drinking alcohol, or if you are not sure, play these games somewhere you can ask for help if something goes wrong (in a bar, for example). You should also make sure that your opponent is perfectly healthy and does not have any drinking problems. These are interesting and exciting activities, so enjoy and have fun while playing. There is no need to argue, ask for explanations or new rules. Before you start, ask yourself – do you just want to get drunk or to have a nice evening with your friends? If the answer is to have a nice evening, then you can play these games. Otherwise, you might choose something else to satisfy your thirst for alcohol. Or perhaps ask a doctor for help, if the thirst continues.

We have asked blogs and sites for advice on the games which are good to play with a partner or a friend and we have finally made a list of 7 best drinking games without cards for 2 players. You can adjust them in accordance with your preferences, a certain occasion or your drinking habits. If you get tired of them, maybe you can try creating your own game, just for you and your friend. Remember, every game can become a drinking game, too. You just need an interesting friend, drinks and a safe place to play. And now, let’s see the list of best drinking games without cards for 2 players.