10 Best Drinking Games to Play with a Girl

Whether you want to start flirting, have some fun, or you already have a girlfriend to play with try our 10 best drinking games to play with a girl. Although there are many different scenarios for having a good time together, drinking games are a great way to entertain yourselves. You want to find the easiest games to play, which do not require much preparation, that include all types of drinks, and can provide fun for everybody in the game.

There are many drinking games you might consider if you want to play with a girl. This time you do not need drinking games for two or four people, although they can be very interesting, too. You need simple 2 player drinking games, with or without cards and with beer, wine or shots. It is even more interesting if your partner enjoys this type of games, and if she has a high tolerance for booze–just be responsible and don’t let anyone get too drunk. If the girl you play with is interested in doing so, you can also include some other elements, like strip games, doubling the drinks if a player does something wrong, and finishing each drink with a kiss.



When you finally start playing, there are two possible scenarios for you two. The first one includes getting drunk very fast (if you choose to play games where alcohol is chugged if a player makes a mistake and loses the game) or you can choose to drink slowly and enjoy each other’s company all night. In both cases, make sure that both of you are perfectly clear with the level of intimacy and that you each agree to achieve and that everything that occurs is consensual for both people. Of course if someone seems “too drunk” to comprehend what is happening, stop.

When it comes to consequences, you should know that drinking without control is possibly dangerous. As a matter of fact, uncontrolled drinking with many drinks consumed in a short period of time causes serious health problems which are not only temporary. Constant binge or prolonged drinking causes insomnia, problems with the liver and kidneys and can cause serious mental problems. Even though people, mostly the young, think that drinking is just fun, it can also lead to serious drinking problems and addictions.

Drinking and playing with alcohol with another person is morally challenged, so you should bear in mind this fact, too. Opposite to the games listed on the list of 7 Easiest and Fun Drinking Games for Groups, this time you are responsible for the person you drink with and you take responsibility for all the consequences. Remember to spare your partner from inconvenience and unpleasant situations. Or, if you and your girlfriend decide to pick one of the games from our list of 10 best drinking games to play with girls, maybe you should consider those with more sex and less alcohol.

To make this list, we consulted sites, blogs, and forums with explanations and recommendations for the best drinking games and finally made a list of the games mentioned there most frequently. Our list also contains the number of times each of the games was mentioned in these sources. In cases when several games were mentioned the same number of times, we used the number they had on the primary list to range them properly. So, enjoy in our imaginative games for you and your girl!