7 Best Chromebook Apps for Kids

In what seems to be a long time ago, kids would go out and play most of their free time, but nowadays things have changed quite a bit and gadgets are a part of their lives from early on, so we’re going to take a look at the 7 best Chromebook apps for kids.

There are a gazillion apps out there, some good and some bad, as you’d expect. When it comes to children, however, things are always a tad more complicated than that because parents often feel like their offspring shouldn’t be exposed to certain types of content, and that’s a perfectly valid concern.

7 Best Chromebook Apps for Kids

Therefore, what are the apps that are good for children? Well, they’re educational, they’re not just there for entertainment, although there’s nothing wrong with that every once in a while. If they’re not educational, at least they help the kids do something significant.

We should mention from the get go that Android apps aren’t included. Even though it’s now possible to install Android apps on some types of Chromebooks, they’re not yet widely available so we’re going to skip those for the moment. If you’re interested, however, you could take a look at the 6 best Google Apps for Chromebooks.

For our list of best Chromebook apps for kids today we took a look at Common Sense Media, a site belonging to an NGO that seeks to help guide children in today’s world full of media and technology. The site helps you sort through the apps available for Chromebook, the ages you’re interested in (we chose between 2 and 16) and more, such as pricing structure, genre, subject, skill and topics, for instance.

Without further ado, here are the 7 best Chromebook apps for kids.