7 Apps to Hide Text Messages From Phone Bill

Whether you’re looking for ways to hide your text messages or you’re simply curious, check out our list of 7 apps to hide text messages from phone bill.

Our privacy is one of the most sacred things to us. Naturally, we all have some things we don’t want to share with other people no matter how trivial and unimportant those things may be. I’m not talking about cheating and other shady things only, sometimes we want to hide a few things that we may perceive as embarrassing or uncomfortable. And no matter what we say, there is always something to hide. Even if you never cheat on your girlfriend or boyfriend, you can probably think of a reason or two why some things are meant for our eyes only.

7 Apps to Hide Text Messages From Phone Bill


When we talk about privacy, one of the first things that come to mind is mobile phones. They are the epitome of secrets and one of the biggest mysteries of today. All girlfriends would like to get their hands on their boyfriends’ phones at least for a moment. But that’s a tricky thing though because in certain situations ignorance is bliss because you may find out something that will affect you deeply. Plus, the person will be really mad if they found out you were going through their phone looking for anything suspicious. And not only cheating people get mad when you touch their phones. On the contrary, even people who have nothing to hide will still mind if you try to spy on them. It is offensive and rude because it implies that you don’t trust them at all.

As much as I do not approve cheating and hurting people wth such behavior, I do I understand the urge to hide some things from your parents, girlfriends or boyfriends, or even wives. Hiding things is not easy, especially if you want to hide things from the person who is paying your phone bill. How can you hide messages from your phone bill? Well, it’s possible. There are ways to avoid a number showing up on your phone bill. We explored the sea of apps (Google Play App Store and iTunes) that enable you to hide text messages and phone calls, and we explored the sea of apps in order to answer your question. We also visited Affair Hub for suggestions. If you are looking for apps to hide messages for iPhone or Android then take a look at our list of 9 iPhone and Android secret messaging apps to hide text from girlfriend. But if you want to deceive even your phone bill, then read our list of 7 apps to hide text messages from phone bill.