6 Tallest Roller Coasters in America

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Are you another adrenaline addict eager to find out which are the 6 tallest roller coasters in America? You simply love heights?You’ve come to the right page then! Since we are fans of those crazy rides and adventures, too, we did some interesting research and got information for creating the list of 6 tallest roller coasters in the US.  We were looking to find those kinds of roller coasters that can release an adrenaline rush through your body so you can actually feel alive! We wanted to find rides that will force you to live in the moment and forget about everyday worries!  That’s why we were looking for the tallest ones!

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We have picked 6 roller coasters that are tallest, fastest, and with the longest coaster drops in America. Some of you maybe think that average speed and height roller coasters are more fun, but we think that the saying “the bigger the better” applies to roller coasters more than anything else. If you are riding on a roller coaster and you don’t get that nervous and weird feeling in your belly, then you might as well be driving your car. Roller coasters are meant to be scary, to be high out in the open so you can get the feeling of really falling down. If it doesn’t make you want to scream like a kid, then it is not a true roller coaster, or maybe it just isn’t tall enough. Roller coasters that are in our list of 6 tallest roller coasters in America really do have the power of a time machine. Remember – a kid is not ashamed of being scared or wanting to scream; kids actually live in the moment, they are open, free, they easily enjoy everything that life puts in front of them; children are truly experiencing life and not just observing it!

If you are taking these roller coaster rides in order to make yourself feel like that child we’ve just described, then you would probably be interested also in our list of 13 tallest roller coasters to scream on. Also don’t forget to check out our article about the 10 most beautiful states in the US. Before we proceed with our list of 6 tallest roller coasters in America, we have to ask you one more thing: what do you think is the most fun part of a roller coaster ride – the one that makes people just love it? It isn’t scariness, because there are many other scary things people can do, but not as many people are climbing mountains or doing free climbing or paragliding as are riding on roller coasters.  We think that roller coasters are special because of the feeling of losing control. This is one hell of a ride and you can’t do anything to slow it down, stop it, get back down to the Earth, or control it in any way. Nothing depends on you. And this is what the adults are the most scared of – not having control. Crazy observation, isn’t it?

The time has come for us to take you for a safe and enjoyable ride through our list of 6 tallest roller coasters in America:

6. Intimidator 305

State: Virginia

Height: 305 feet

Longest Coaster drop: 300 feet

Speed: 90 miles per hour

5. Millennium Force

State: Ohio

Height: 310 feet

Longest Coaster drop: 300 feet

Speed: 93 miles per hour

4. Fury 325

State: South Carolina

Height: 325 feet

Longest Coaster drop: 320 feet

Speed: 95 miles per hour

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