10 Biggest States in the US by Population

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You know which are the biggest states territorially, but you are curious to find out about the biggest states in the US by population? You don’t care about population density or the number of cities, you just want to find out which state in the US is the most populated? You came to the right place – we’ve used data population estimates from the July 2014 Census for creating this list of biggest states in the US by population.  A census collects information about the number of people living in the US by counting all the resident people, including military federal employees and civilians serving outside the US (they are counted in their home states), citizens, non-citizens permanent residents, and non-citizen long term visitors. Naturally, all races are included; we all know that the “American dream” has attracted people from all around the world to find their new home here, and live the dream!

Although that dream dates from long ago and people from all around the world are not seeking to come to live in the US nowadays as much as they used to, the population in the US is increasing year after year. And even though states haven’t been getting bigger by population equally for the past few years, the first few states in our list of 10 biggest states in the US by population haven’t changed their ranking. More precisely – the first seven states in our list held the same positions both in 2010 and in 2000, based on Census population data. It seems that the biggest states can’t fall down from their positions that easily – the population in the states is not changing drastically from year to year.


Why are some states bigger in terms of population than others? Because of the better quality of life? More job opportunities? Better economy? Bigger universities? Cultural content? We presume that everything counts. Of course, everyone wants to live in the state that offers them what they need, but not everyone can achieve that – to find a job that will allow them to comfortably live there. If you are interested in finding out which are the states that have most job opportunities, check out our list of 5 best states that are hiring.Also don’t forget to check out our article about the 10 most beautiful states in the US. Some of us yearn for cultural manifestations, some for better job opportunities, some for more nature, quiet and peaceful places, whereas others enjoy crowded cities. We are all different, and so we all seek something different. Bigger isn’t always better. Do you know how big is your state when it comes to population? Is it in the first 10 biggest?  Find out in our list of 10 biggest states in the US by population:

10. Michigan

detroit - night - skyscrapers

Population estimate for July 2014:  9, 909, 877

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