6 Smartphones with Best Front and Back Cameras

We know your selfies have to look as good as pictures of your food, so we prepared 6 smartphones with the best front and back cameras that will allow you to take some amazing pictures.

It seems like the eternity has gone by since the first mobile phone was equipped with a camera. It was November 2000 when Sharp’s J-SH04 hit the market and changed the way we looked at mobile phones. Until then, mobile phones were just a device that allowed us to take phone calls, write SMS and play mobile games. That was all mobile phone supposed to be. With J-SH04 it became obvious that mobile phones could be much more than we imagined.

6 Smartphones with Best Front and Back Cameras


With each passing year, mobile phones were acquiring new functions and sometimes losing the old ones, but built in camera became a standard and something we couldn’t picture the new phone without. Sooner than later, one camera wasn’t enough, so both front and back cameras became a standard. This is how we came to an era where some smartphone cameras are capable of delivering images in line with professional photo equipment. They even have some fancy features like Xenon Flash. If that is something your smartphone has to have, then check out our list of 6 smartphones with Xenon Flash as well.

To find out which are the 6 smartphones with the best front and back cameras, we took internet recommendations for smartphones with the best back camera and smartphones with the best front camera from PC Advisor, Tom’s Guide, E Photo Zine, Android Authority and many others. After we had made a list of 25 smartphones, we looked at the things that make the camera great: how many MP back and front camera have, the aperture size and the resolution size. We calculated the score separately for each smartphone by giving points based on the quality of these elements. Since there were smartphones with the same number of points, ones with lower price were better ranked. Now let’s have a look at the winners.