6 Reasons Why Illuminati Is Fake

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Conspiracy theorists would not really approve of these 6 reasons why the Illuminati is fake. However, anyone who is inclined to think critically and with a pinch of intelligence, can confirm that the full-blown conspiracy theory about the “New World Order” and borderline supernatural beings ruling our lives without us noticing it is all a bunch of tinfoil hat folklore.

The Illuminati were a real order of real people with very real goals and aims which did not include world domination. In fact, the reason behind creating their order back in 1776 can be interpreted as a battle against what we consider them to be nowadays. Even so, if you are interested in hearing the other point of view, which you should be inclined to do if you are interested in the matter, take a look at another of our lists on why the Illuminati is real and a threat to society. Let’s take a look at what’s on the other hand.

6. Faulty Logic

Take these words for what they are but you can righteously say that conspiracy theorists ultimately fail to build a logical, explainable link between events. Whenever a big event such as an act of terrorism or the death of an important person occurs, thousands of people who sit in their basements with their HAM radios and machine guns will scream it was the Illuminati. They will say that it was done to silence people knowing the truth or tip the scales in a conflict without seeming like any of the offending parties did it. However, there is mostly absolutely no logical relations between these things and there are way too many against. Think of it as thanking Jesus for your successful surgery instead of the team of surgeons who worked on you for twenty hours.


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