5 Reasons Why The Illuminati Is Real and a Threat to Society

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Reasons Why The Illuminati is Real: In today’s society, the Illuminati is generally thought of as a myth. The word Illuminati means enlightened, and those that are in this supposed secret society are the enlightened ones. These people are often suspected of being the most powerful people in the world, and are cited as the masterminds behind such events as President John F. Kennedy’s assassination and Tupac Shakur’s ‘death’; events which have kept speculation about the secret society rife.

In modern society, the Illuminati is thought to be a group of leaders ranging from business men to politicians to celebrities, who control everything that happens with an eye on the distant and not-so-distant future. In particular, they are thought to be setting up society for their rule by controlling the majority of the wealth, monopolizing advances in health care to extend their lives, and eventually wiping out large swaths of society in a mass epidemic that will make the world’s population easier to control and lessen the burden on the planet they mean to rule.

As the digital age has emerged, theories on both sides of the fence have sprouted regarding the Illuminati. While at first there may have been valid points for and against its existence, the topic became so over-saturated that it was hard to separate legitimate theory from crock. One of the Illuminati ideas regards triangles and ancient Pyramids, and anytime anyone of fame makes this symbol, intentionally or not, people point to it as a sign that the Illuminati does in fact exist.

Moreover, if you’re interested in learning more about conspiracy theories on society, take a look at our list of The Top 5 New World Order ‘Facts.’ Specifically regarding reasons why the Illuminati is real, if you are one of those that simply dismiss it as an afterthought, you may may want to reconsider, as there are tangible reasons that show how the Illuminati may in fact exist today. By looking at the history of the Illuminati, along with the best of the conspiracy photography examples that exist, we ranked the best reasons why the Illuminati is real, and working to control us all.

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