6 Most Popular Musicians Who Got Discovered Online

There are a lot of popular musicians out there, some of them discovered during talent shows, some of them discovered by various agents, and some of them discovered thanks to the Internet, which is why we’re going to take a look at the 6 most popular musicians who got discovered online.

Things have changed considerably over the years. Back in the day, in order to become famous, to get noticed by an agent and to score a record deal you had to put show after show in cafes that no one knows the name of, to send off tapes of you singing left and right, hoping one agent will think you are good enough to listen to a second time.

6 Most Popular Musicians Who Got Discovered Online

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

Nowadays, mostly thanks to services such as YouTube, things have changed considerably. If you put together a channel on the site, you can upload videos of yourself singing various popular tracks, putting your own spin to them and so on. Once you get a little bit of traction, you gain more and more followers and soon you draw attention to yourself. That’s the theory at least and we’d say it’s a pipe dream, but truth is, it’s possible.

We’ve seen it done time and time again in recent years, as the stars we love online end up on the screens of our TVs, or, we end up discovering that the singer behind that cool new track we love hearing so much has actually had his or her debut on the Internet. Then we go search for whatever videos they’ve uploaded to see whether there’s more to them than meets the eye.

You may even check to see whether the artists you like are some of the 10 biggest YouTube sensations in 2015, although that list includes more than just musicians.

Keeping in mind how important the Internet is nowadays, there’s no surprise that more and more aspiring musicians try their hand at pushing their work online, hoping they get noticed. This has made new jobs within record companies for people who want to sit in front of the computer most of the day, listening to new talent on YouTube and other similar sites.

Not everyone gets the break they seek, that much is obvious, but some really do manage to become sensations both on and offline.

In order to create our list we took a look at stars we love nowadays that have their origins online and checked out just how popular they were. In order to determine just how popular they are we took into account three areas – number of Facebook fans, number of YouTube subscribers and number of views their channel has on the video site. All artists were ranked under each of these areas and received points accordingly, which were then added together, resulting in a list of the 6 most popular musicians who got discovered online.