6 Most Popular Celebrities over 80

People age through time, but for these stars, time seems to stop, so we bring you the list of the 6 most popular celebrities over 80. Celebrities who passed their 80s from different spheres of public life, such as acting, music and TV personalities are still active in their careers like they started yesterday. While many people get sick or even die before their 80s, these people show that life can be very exciting even in that age.

s_bukley / Shutterstock.com 6 Most Popular Celebrities over 80

s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

If we look closer to these celebrities, we can see that the one thing that connects them together is their success. We can say that the answer for their long life is their success in this world, and there for their complete life. Some research’s say that if succeed in pursuing our dreams we will be much happier and have more chance to live longer. By following the example of these celebrities, we can see that the formula of eternity is to live your life to the fullest.

Since there are many celebrities over 80, our list can go much further but we limited ourselves only to the most popular out there. To create our list, we used the criteria of their online presence (Considered the lists from IMDB and Huffington Post), average searches per month provided by Google Keyword Planner Tool, and the number of their followers on social media. We ranked the celebs by implementing a scoring system, where every 100K followers on social media would earn them a point, and every 100K searches per month would make them another point. Then we calculated the points and ranked them.

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As we said before, today we bring you the 6 Most Popular Celebrities over 80 list, and without further ado let’s dive in.