6 Most Green Smartphones for Eco-Friendly Consumers

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When you buy a new phone you are considering its appearance, quality, characteristics, and lately more than ever, you are counting their eco-friendly usage, that’s why we have decided to make our list of the 6 most green smartphones for eco – friendly consumers.

Ecology and technology are two opponents, and even if you put them in the same sentence, no matter how much they rhyme, it is obvious that they are on different sides of the equation. Lately, every company’s plan is to put those two words close together and make technology more environmentally friendly. Phone manufacturers are aware that making eco-friendly phones is a good way to help to solve the waste problem, but that it can also increase their reputation, among the other non-ecofriendly companies.

NIKHOM KEDBAN/Shutterstock.com 6 Most Green Smartphones for Eco-Friendly Consumers

NIKHOM KEDBAN/Shutterstock.com

In this modern era, more people are worried about our planet than ever, so when they are buying a smartphone, they are interested in knowing what kind of damage it can do to the environment. Some of the biggest companies are guilty, in general, for making a lot of waste and polluting both water and air. That’s why it is important to be aware of the damage we are all causing to the Earth by throwing our old, non-eco phones away. Over 125 million phones are thrown away in only one year, just in the USA, so it is easy to imagine how much damage we are doing.

Most people want to choose an eco-friendly smartphone, but don’t know where to begin their selection. It is crucial to investigate several aspects of production, starting from materials that are used. Energy usage of the device and its recycling power can also help us decide how much eco-friendly that phone is.

We have made our list considering two already published lists from Green wise business and MENSXP. Also, it is important to mention, that most companies won’t revile their entire phones characteristic when it comes to eco-friendliness, that’s why we used some of the most relevant analyses that The good shopping guide and Green peace have published. We combined these resources and placed them considering the following criteria: energy efficiency, avoidance of hazardous substances, use of recycled plastics and extending life cycles. If the product reached a high level in any of the criteria, we add 4 points, 3 points for medium level, and 2 points for low level. After calculating the total score, we placed them accordingly. You might find interesting checking out our previous list of the 7 most and least secure cell phones in the world and comparing these two.

Here are the 6 most green smartphones for eco-friendly consumers.

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