6 Most Fragile Smartphones That Definitely Need Protection

If you’re on a hunt for a new smartphone, today’s list might be helpful: 6 Most Fragile Smartphones That Definitely Need Protection. Every manufacturer today is in the competition to produce the fastest phone, phone that has the best functions, biggest screen and best camera, or huge battery. The thing is, most of the phones made today are not made to last; most of them are fragile and would crack and break if not treated like a fragile piece of technology, which they actually are. Some of the manufacturers made the step into building the phones that would withstand much more, and wouldn’t crack, or malfunction in heavy conditions. If you’re interested in those look at the list of 6 best rugged smartphones of 2015 to find the toughest smartphones.

One of the biggest flaws that our favorite tech gadgets have besides battery life is durability. Almost every phone has high chances of permanent damage when dropped from the heights of a regular pocket. Many of the smart media companies had an idea to produce exciting content that will be interesting for people – drop tests videos.

Most Fragile Smartphones That Definitely Need Protection

Oleksandr Berezko/Shutterstock.com

In those we see top flagships in smartphone industry being dropped from several heights, testing their durability. Almost every phone from today’s smartphone market couldn’t withstand a drop from a “serious” height. The list might help you when deciding to get a new phone, or some of your friends who is on the lookout for a new smartphone – to remember the important feature for all the phones, the durability. Today, we show you the 6 most fragile smartphones today, the models that definitely need some protection to last longer.

6.  Apple iPhone 6/6+

The new flagship from Apple is featured everywhere: the best phone, the most beautiful phone, the fastest phone, the phone people talk about the most, the ultimate phone. But, here’s the list where iPhone is on the last spot.  Even though this smartphone is among the best in almost every category, durability is not its stronger side. The metal casing that new iPhone possesses looks amazing, but it can be pretty slippery. And when it occurs that your new device slips from your hands and falls to the floor, it might end with a bump, and a broken screen, pretty easy.

Most Fragile Smartphones That Definitely Need Protection