6 Most Expensive Public Schools Built in America

There are many elaborate public schools in the U.S., but we wanted to narrow our search down and look at the 6 most expensive public schools built in America. The idea behind the public school system is that it provides education for everyone on behalf of the state. The thought is that taxpayers’ money contributes to their local school system so that children can be equipped with the education they need.  In some cases, communities go far above and beyond the tax dollar budget to create schools that are more like palaces and less like the conservative brick building you probably spent many of your early years in.

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Of course, the idea of building multi-million dollar school facilities is not without controversy. Some critics argue that large sums of money could be better spent on hiring quality educators and funding the education of their students. Some of these new public school campuses are looking more like private, Ivy League Universities with their elaborate buildings and exclusive athletic facilities. Whatever the case may be, here is a list of the six most expensive schools built in America. We took a close look at a wide variety of news sources to determine the total dollar figure spent on constructing each of these schools and then ranked them according to the cost.

In this list of the 6 most expensive public schools built in America, you’ll find that some communities have decided that spending just a few million on a school is not enough. If you are interested in other amazingly expensive building projects, check out our article, “The Most Expensive Theme Parks Ever Built”.