11 Most Expensive Theme Parks Ever Built

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Now it’s time to have some fun with 11 most expensive theme parks ever built! Yes, they are amazing and amusing not just to your kids, but you have probably had the best time in your life on some roller coaster or water ride as well!

Have you ever thought about how much money someone needed to invest to make those parks? Well, a lot! It’s a dream come true for all the children around the world and they would probably want to live happily ever after in there without a question.

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Most of the amusement parks are themed: Walt Disney World, Legoland, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Tower of Terror etc. Theme parks are even more amusing than regular amusement parks because they are built for the specific groups. They have attractions and buildings, roller coasters and water rides, stores, and specific landscaping. There were plenty of amusement parks built in the past, but Santa Claus Land was the first theme park ever built and it was opened in 1946. It was divided into four theme sections: Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, Christmas, and Halloween. Today it is called Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari.

And speaking of the most popular theme parks and the most expensive theme parks ever built, we heard the rumors that „The Walking Dead” amusement park is going to be built soon! Would you visit that zombie attraction? It would be a mixed ride with characters and effects from „The Walking Dead“ as announced by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions. Love „Hunger Games“? We have also heard that it is also going to be built by 2019. Be patient, because the Lionsgate announced that they are „officially started planning“ it! In the meantime, you could visit Dubai next year, because they will open one part of the amusement park that is Hunger Games-themed! If you have daughters who adore Anna and Elsa, don’t miss a Frozen theme park that is coming at Disney World’s Epcot in 2016! Have fun!

You are probably guessing that there are not so many official releases about how much money is spent to build the most expensive theme parks, but we decided to present the information we have found on the internet with estimated costs for building them and make the list of 11 most expensive theme parks ever built. The most popular theme parks are not always the most expensive ones to build and vice versa. Perhaps they are not as expensive as 10 most expensive cruise ships ever built, but let’s see together what are the estimated costs, according to The Theme Park Voice and The Theme Park Tourist:

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