6 Most Expensive Private Jets in the World

Today it’s a flight time in the high class – we bring you the 6 Most Expensive Private Jets in the World. Nowadays, airplanes are common things, with millions of passengers traveling by planes every day. Airplanes provide faster traveling and commodities and allow you to visit the long-distant locations easily. As in every other sphere of life, the exclusivity of private jets is reserved for the wealthy ones. They choose the private option, with jets produced only for this purpose and suited for their needs. Even though many air companies provide exquisite services to the wealthy people (just look at the 10 most expensive first class airline tickets and you’ll see what the wealthy enjoy while traveling), many prefer to travel private in their own jets.



Today, we list the private airplanes of the super-rich people who pay enormous amounts of money to travel with exclusivity and style. Some of the planes on the list are worth as much as big airbuses owned by airline companies. The super-fast planes transport their owners to the corners of the Earth fast, and with style; the luxury of those planes enables the passengers to enjoy their flight in five-star cabins better than in many hotels. Let’s see the 6 most expensive private jets in the world.

6. Boeing 747-81 VIP owned by Joseph Lau

To own a Boeing 747 you have to be filthy rich; this amazing aircraft costs astounding $153 million. Hong Kong real estate tycoon, Joseph Lau, bought the plane for himself and had this plane redesigned from the inside, making the inner space suitable to his needs. That included adding several personal suites, with every one of them being differently decorated and equipped, each for tycoon’s mood. The addition of huge private office for meetings, guest rooms, and personal gym inside this plane show the level of sophistication of Mr. Lau’s traveling unit.
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