6 Low Cost Small Food Franchise Opportunities Under $5000

If you’re interested in investments, but strapped for cash you’ll be interested in 6 low cost small food franchise opportunities under $5000.

I am typically very adventurous, but I am not much of an entrepreneur or business-minded person. I really wouldn’t even know where to begin when it comes to running my own business actually. The idea of running my own business has always been exciting to me, but I don’t know much about what all goes into it. But I do know it’s a lot of work. One of the biggest pros is working for yourself and setting your own schedule, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone complaining about that setup. You can also open your own business in pretty much anything you want, as long as you’re at least a little bit knowledgeable on your topic. If you’re too nervous to start from the ground up with a business, franchises can be a good place to start. Franchising a business allows you to expand an already opened business, through a special licensing to do so. You’re still the boss, but you just don’t have to start from scratch.

6 Low Cost Small Food Franchise Opportunities Under $5000

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The first place to start with a franchise is knowing where your money is going to go. According to Franchise Help, a majority of franchisees report that they spend around 50 % of their budget to promote themselves and their business. Franchises can range in price depending on the type and size. Cheaper investments might be found in a home business franchise while more expensive investments might be found in a well-established restaurant. If you’re looking for something a bit cheaper, these 7 easy low cost franchise opportunities are a good place to start. No matter how much you invest initially though, the majority of franchises (if done right) have the potential for solid returns on your cash, and there are lots of franchises to look into. Even though it’s one of the largest corporations in the world,  80% or about 35,000McDonald’s restaurants are actually franchises, according to Franchise direct

To come up with our own of low cost small food franchise opportunities under $5000, we used sources such as The Franchise Mall, Franchise sales, Franchise Europe, and Franchise to generate a list. This list is ranked by cost of investment, so the higher on the list, the more it costs to invest in initially opening the business.

Without further ado here’s our list of 6 low cost small food franchise opportunities under $5000.