6 Least Technologically Advanced States in America

These 6 least technologically advanced states in America have fallen behind in the race for advancement. The United States is known as one of the most advanced countries in the world. It sets trends and is usually one of the forerunners for advancements in different aspects of the technological industry. Being such a large country there are places that have become more advanced than others. This is due to the fact that these places offer more opportunities and according to some experts, these places have given people the tools needed to fulfill their potential.

This is not to say that the states listed here are low-tech, but rather just behind when comparing them to other states in the country. Any action towards investment and development can quickly turn things around for the states listed here. If you want to look at the opposite end of the spectrum, it’s best to check out The 11 Most Technologically Advanced States in America. Advancements in technology can bring about a number of useful things. You’ll get better convenience from life in general. You’ll also be able to enjoy things that are not yet readily available in other countries.

What states do you think are the least advanced? With so many states in the country it is hard to rank them definitively as there are many factors to consider. Let’s go ahead and check the list of the states that offer the least opportunities to cultivate potential:

6. Louisiana

When it comes to the number of people living in Louisiana, you can put them in the middle of all 50 states. One of the more popular cities people have come to know here is New Orleans. The terrain here is difficult to develop as there are a lot of swamp and marsh lands. The state also features one of the most diverse cultures in the entire US.

Jorg Hackemann/Shutterstock.com

Jorg Hackemann/Shutterstock.com