The 11 Most Technologically Advanced States in America

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These states are far ahead from their counterparts as you’ll notice in this list of the 11 most technologically advanced states in America. Technology has become vital in the modern world. It has made possibilities come true, and conveniences abound in our life. Life has been better and easier in some aspects thanks to technology. These advancements and discoveries have broadened our scope. With that said, there are simply just more states that are far ahead in terms of technology. This can be due to many factors. It can be the amount of investment the state makes in technology as well as the number of firms and investors interested to start or branch out there. It can also be because of the sheer number of people learning and contributing to the field.

Of course, technological advancement can also be looked through the larger scope of the world. There are some countries that are just beginning to grasp what other countries have been using for years already. This is a trend you might notice with the 10 Most Technologically Advanced Countries in the World. Things like Smart technology, robotics, drones and artificial intelligence were once things of fiction and are now slowly becoming a reality.

What states do you think are included in this list? There are many that try to make the cut and even declare themselves the most advanced. Only a few can truly give themselves that title. Let’s go ahead and start this list:

11. Florida

Florida is the first state to be mentioned in this list. They boast a high number of technological institutes producing graduates and research advancements. It is also considered as one of the states with the best internet access. Many companies branch out and invest in the state. It is slowly making its way up in terms of technological advancement.


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