6 Kid Friendly Things To Do in NYC This Weekend

6. Tours

Tours are a great form of entertainment, especially in a city like NYC with so much to see and learn. Kids love tours, because they get to see things behind-the-scenes or more in-depth than on a normal outing. Parents love tours because they get to somewhat sit back and enjoy the experience, while their kids are having a great time and getting an awesome lesson from the tour guide. Does your three-year-old constantly ask “Why?”? Take them on a tour, and you won’t be the one to have to answer that question for once! The variety of tours available in New York is seriously astounding. Some of the best options for the whole family are as follows:

Half-Day Pizza Tasting Bus Tour

This tour combines two awesome things: cultural history and pizza. Not only will you get a full history lesson that encompasses several boroughs over the course of almost five hours, but you will also get to try out pies from the “best” pizzerias across the city.

Brooklyn Chocolate Tour

If Brooklyn is your stomping ground, or you want to take a detour from your normal Manhattan route, check out the Brooklyn Chocolate Tour. You’ll be taken from Union Square into Brooklyn in order to visit some of the “best” chocolate shops in the borough, and learn something along the way.

Helicopter Tour of NYC

If you have a bit of cash and are willing to splurge, your family will go crazy over this idea. Help your kids conquer their fear of heights while letting them see one of the most gorgeous views in the world, with a helicopter tour!

Cupcake Tour of Greenwich Village

If you want something lighthearted and sweet, this one is for you. Cupcakes and gelato are the focus of this yummy tour. What kid can resist six shops of desserts?

6 Kid Friendly Things To Do in NYC This Weekend

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