6 Easiest Special Forces Branch To Join

Get your camo ready for action because it’s time for the 6 easiest special forces branch to join.

I always wanted to join the military and by that I mean I’ve always enjoyed uniforms. I would be a terrible member of any Armed Force–let alone a special force. I am not very forceful, as in full of force. I’m not full of most aggressive things. I’m joyful, or very often mouthful, and after a march pretty much anywhere I’d be tearful.

Firstly, let’s make it clear, it is not easy to join any special forces or special ops, or even the “regular” branches of the military. Since every one of them requires a lot of skills and excellence in capabilities. In this article, we made a list of 6 that are “easiest” to join meaning the 6 that involve the fewest requirements–more on that in a minute.

When an individual wants to join a Special Force he or she must know what field they want to join, what they want to do, but also they need to have a strong will, fierce character, the discipline and last, but not, least physical readiness. Each and every one of special force requires (apart from great eye vision, especially those in the air force) great physique which includes targeted weight and capabilities to do some of the toughest body exercises, from swimming to hiking, to feats of strength and endurance in every weather condition. This is, of course, related to great discipline, which is required in the military in general, let alone in the special forces or ops.

6 Easiest Special Forces Branch To Join


Special forces justify their name because they have special missions and targets and they function in a different way than regular military. They are also equipped with advanced and modern equipment and gadgets. They have the special weapons (related to their missions, for example, Night stalkers, or the United States Army 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne), abbreviated as the 160th SOAR (A) have to have the equipment adapted to the night conditions like, night goggles) and state of the art aircraft, planes, helicopters, vessels, like boats, carriers, etc. This is all advanced, which is important that the airmen, marines, midshipmen and soldiers pass the high-intensity training so they can, in the first place, use this equipment and of course learn how to act in combat using different tactics and plans. Maybe you should take a look at 11 Best, Most Elite Hardest Training Special Forces in The World before reading this article.

In order to find the “easiest” special forces branch to join, we had firstly to identified all special forces in the US. Then, we ranked the list according to the number of requirements for joining to each branch. For each special force, we will provide information about their missions, equipment and the role in the military system of the US. This information we have found on the official sites of the special forces and the mostly from the Military and the US Army, Air Force and Marines.

Here is the list 6 easiest special forces branch to join: