6 Easiest Jobs to Get at Google

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Working for one of the world’s largest company is a dream for many, especially those that are interested in technology, so we wanted to see which were the easiest jobs to get at Google.

Over the past couple of decades, since Google has come around, the company’s profile has only grown. From a mere, basic, search engine, the company has turned into a behemoth with numerous points of interest, researching so many domains. A few years back, to cut down some of the confusion on why Google, an Internet company, would look into robotics, they created Alphabet Inc, which incorporates all of the crazy things that they’re working on, from smart home equipment, to Wi-Fi spreading drones, to AIs and so on.

Since we’re talking about dream jobs, it would only be fair if we directed you to read up on the Easiest and Best Paying Jobs in the World, because, let’s face it, we’re all looking for that dream combination where we get to do what we love and get flooded with money for it.

Google remains one of the most desired places to work. Not only does working for Google present itself as a massive opportunity because of the way you can help serve the world through your work, but it also comes with numerous perks.

In order to create our list today we searched the Internet, trying to understand what people were looking for when it comes to nailing a job at Google, like how to get a job at Google without any experience on their resumes or without a proper degree. Then, we went and checked Google’s career portal to find jobs that would be best for beginners, folks who have just graduated from college, or jobs that don’t even require experience in tech. We then went with a fine comb through them all, eliminating the jobs that had too many requirements, and bumped up those jobs that required experience that’s easy to acquire, such as in sales or customer support.

That being said, here are the easiest jobs to get at Google.

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