6 Easiest Decades To Dress Up As: Best Halloween Costumes

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Are you looking for the easiest decades to dress up as? Halloween is just around the corner and yet, look at you, panicking over your costume. Keep calm and let us do the rest of the worries about your party costume. We hate to break it to you but dressing up as a  sexy little pumpkin or a seductive nurse is so overrated. If you don’t want eyes rolling at you, why not consider the costumes of the decades instead? It can be any of the fashion trends through 20’s, 30’s, 70’s, 80’s and so on! Plus, checking your closet might solve your costume dilemma. Be it a vintage dress or a DIY old-school costume, looking up through the old years is timeless!


Admit it or not, the yearly Halloween costume party bothers you as much as everyone else. Procrastinating on what to wear during your Halloween program is your worst enemy. You’ll either end up buying a hundred dollar costume on eBay or wearing some DIY costume you rushed the night before. We’ll save you from these “procrastination errors”, and you can thanks us later! Trust us, we’ll be showing you on how you can make use of your old dress or your grampa’s suite. Maybe you can borrow your granny’s accessories too. Here’s a friendly reminder of the 30 worst Halloween costume ideas ever brought to horrible life that you should avoid.

We listed the 6 easiest decades to dress up as best Halloween costume. Practically speaking, you can make your costume as cheap as possible too without them knowing it! All you need to do is pick a fashion trend that represents your favorite decade, and make use of whatever clothes, shoes, and accessories you have at home! And Voilà! It’s not so difficult to take home the best costume award for the night!

Are you ready to create your very own costume through the decades? Let’s look up for your next best Halloween costume then!

6. The 1950s: The Postwar Era

Did you know, Christian Dior and Chanel were the two fashion icons who revived the colorful fashion in the 50s? The Postwar era is all about bright colors and full skirts! Stilletos and Oxfords are at its boom too. One fashion icon that you can look up to is Marilyn Monroe. Everything in the 1950s is probably all about Monroe. So if you want to steal the spotlight at the party, you might want to give that old long dress in your mom or grandmother’s cabinet. For the guys, I’m sure you know Sir Elvis Presley, the King of Rock. Need I say more?

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