6 Easiest Countries to Play as in Empire Total War

Fifth Total War series’ installment; Empire Total War doesn’t offer a lot of options when choosing playable nations and we’ll give you the priceless info on which of the 12 playable factions are 6 easiest countries to play as in Empire Total War.

Set in the early modern period with 1700 set as the beginning year, Empire Total War’s grand campaign gives you the chance to take control of one of the 11 European colonial countries vying for power and new world order. There’s also Maratha Confederacy faction which lets you take the fate of the Indian subcontinent into your hands.

Everett Collection/Shutterstock.com

Everett Collection/Shutterstock.com

Speaking of India, this is one of the three available theaters of war which represent the new feature in Total War series. Theaters of war are vast parts of the world which wouldn’t be able to blend in a single map otherwise. That’s why they are separate, and apart from the Indian subcontinent, the game consists of two other theaters of war: Europe and America. Former of the two consists of Europe, North Africa and parts of Asia, while latter consists of larger part of the North America, Central America and the Caribbean, and north part of the South America. That being said, Empire Total War is a little bit more complex than the previous installment in the series.

By the way, if you are a fellow gamer, you must have bumped into the League of Legends somewhere. Here’s the list of 5 most OP characters in League of Legends to carry games and crush foes with. But let us get back to the topic at hand. No matter which of the factions in Empire Total War you choose, you’ll be given a time frame of 100 years during which you are supposed to accomplish given objectives. You will focus on many aspects of leading a nation such as politics, economics, religion, exploration and founding of colonies, but most of it will eventually come down to conquest.

As mentioned above, some of the available factions are easier to play with, while some are harder. We have chosen three crucial parameters by which we have ranked the faction from hardest to easiest ones to play the game with. These parameters are: number of starting regions, presence in theaters of war and isolation factor. First one is really self-explanatory and brings more points to larger nations. Those factions with vast territories can ultimately field larger armies and gain more income from the get-go, thus helping the player quickly establishing a dominant position compared to other factions. Some nations are present only in Europe, while United Provinces (The Netherlands) stretches across all three theaters of war. This allows those playing with the Dutch to quickly gain valuable trade income and equally spread across the whole globe.

Finally, isolation factor represents the nation’s starting position compared to its neighbors. Great Britain, for instance, has a great starting position thanks to the English channel which has traditionally been their most important defensive factor. We haven’t, however, considered faction’s unique strengths, weaknesses, units and level of development as these things tend to balance themselves out during the gameplay. Without further ado, here’s our list of 6 easiest countries to play as in Empire Total War based on combined points of aforementioned trio of parameters.