The 5 Most OP Characters in League of Legends to Carry Games and Crush Foes With

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If you’re new to LoL and wondering which are the most OP characters in League of Legends to spend your hard-earned IP or RP on first, you’ve come to the right place. You have probably heard of League of Legends (A.K.A. LoL), the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) which is smashing records all over the world. This game continues increasing its fanbase, and has now reached 67 million players per month. As it usually happens with great video games, followers, fanatics, and forums start to multiply, and diverse topics regarding the video game’s performance, its characters, tips, tricks, and every minute aspect of the game’s design are highly debated.

A debate also ensues between that game of others of its ilk. With new releases every year, an intense race for users develops. And indeed, within the MOBA genre, the competition is heated and quite interesting. The main rival to LoL is Defense of the Ancients 2 (also known as DotA2). There is a constant debate over whether LoL is better than DotA. Yet, fans have crowned LoL as the best MOBA out there. If you were wondering why, check out our list of the 5 Clear Reasons LoL is Better than DotA and find out!

Now then, we’ve brought to the table another heated discussion amongst LoL fans, and one extremely important to new players as well: which are the most OP characters in League of Legends? This game features a fantasy world, in which each player assumes the role of a character, called a “champion”. Every champion has a set of unique abilities and skills, some of which must be activated, others of which are passive. There are currently a total of 121 released champions, yet not all of them have the same power: some champions are better than others, and players have started to call them “overpowered” champions (OP).  Nevertheless, sometimes players call a particular champion OP, yet it doesn’t necessarily mean they are actually OP in general; they may only be OP in the hands of the very best players.

Trying to clear the fuzz,  we’ve compiled a list featuring the 5 most OP characters in League of Legends, taking into account the diverse opinions in forums and fanbases. Check it out and tell us what you think and which are the champions you consider the most OP.

No. 5 Fizz

Fizz has the strange ability to slip away right when you’d say he is about to die. That fishy slipperiness comes from his Trickster/Playful ability. When activating this ability, Fizz is able to jump into the air momentarily, becoming untarget-able. Therefore, combat against Fizz is extremely difficult, as he always has an easy escape move at his disposal. Moreover, if you are playing a basic attack, when Fizz becomes untargetable you will start attacking nearby minions instead. And when Fizz lands, he can burst you down before you are even able to attack again, as he has a full complement of damage abilities. This makes Fizz a definite OP champion.

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