6 Dating Sites for Introverts to Find Partners

What are the best dating sites for introverts to find partners?

People often have misconceptions about introverted persons or people with social anxiety disorders. Most people I know think that introverts are just shy, which isn’t true. Introverts just can’t be in the company of other people for too long and need some time. For extroverts, who “feed themselves” with interaction with other people, this is hard to understand.

Despite their need for solitude, introverts are looking to date like everyone else. Turns out they are really good at it. Introverts are perceived as great listeners and easy to be around. Also, conversations with introverts tend to be deeper and more meaningful. For those of you who pay more attention to the physical appearance, you will appreciate our list of 15 Countries with the Ugliest Women in the World.

6 Dating Sites for Introverts to Find Partners

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Online dating has done wonders for introverts, that’s for sure. Not just for them, but for everyone. It was never easier to find a person with whom you share same interests and feel a mutual attraction. Online dating apps and sites are places where introverts can take their time and decide what makes them comfortable and what not. Online dating is highly recommended for shy and introverted persons because it enables communication with others without having to be in their presence. Also, when you engage in online dating, it is easier to take a break and recharge your batteries. Another great thing is that you can get to know a person and don’t have to rush into actual face to face dating. When the time for a real date comes, there is no need for awkward small talk, and everything becomes much easier.

In order to come up with our list of dating sites for introverts to find partners and love, we used recommendations from multiple sources including Bustle, Mashable, and Quora among others. The ones that were specified as good for introverts and were often recommended, made it on our list. So, let’s check it out.