6 Dating Apps Like Tinder That Don’t Require Facebook

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Tinder starts fires, but here are 6 dating apps like Tinder that don’t require Facebook. I don’t really care about Tinder, but clearly it works. Anecdotally I know many a happy couple and many more a happy uncouple who happily enjoyed a one night tryst via Tinder. However, it just never had enough gays on it to catch my interest. But if you are opposite sex seeking–you’ve probably used it. Good for you, love is out there. You just have to get lucky. Once you do that, maybe you’ll find they’re the right person for you–and if not, start again with a great story.

However, don’t just use Tinder. There are sooooo many different apps out there. Some of which do not require you to have Facebook. Why be social networked up, when you can be worked up? These apps would be great for people who deleted their account because they were tired of watching their high school classmates debate politics or nope mostly just that, that is the worst thing about Facebook. And I am including identity theft.

I would much rather be Catfished than have to read one more smarmy or self-satisfied repost. Dear Facebook friends, if you’re going to have an obnoxious opinion at least originate it. Don’t hide behind a meme–get out there and spread your misguided lunatic thoughts in your own words. If you are going to force me to scroll past your rhetoric let’s spice it up.

And speaking of spicing things up–you need a date. What better than the 6 dating apps like Tinder that don’t require Facebook to help you find one. There are lots of big nights coming up: The Superbowl, The Oscars, my friend Delilah’s birthday–you need to have someone by your side through these highs and lows. Also, I guess Valentine’s is around the corner, not that it matters. Whether or not your into sports, nothing beats the romance of Superbowl nachos. As we know there is literally nothing sexier than nachos.  Oh really? You think there are? Just try and name one thing. Okay, good one, that’s sexy.  Now, imagine it covered in nacho cheese. I rest my case.

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Now, enjoy the 6 dating apps like Tinder that don’t require Facebook.

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