6 Cheapest Beach Destinations in Mexico

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Mexico is surely a popular vacation for many, but what are the cheapest beach destinations in Mexico? It’ a valid question since that’s at least half of the reason people come to Mexico, to just chill on the beaches. So why pay top dollar? If you’re looking for a huge party, must stay at a 5-star resort, and want the hustle and bustle that comes with the touristy cities, then go for it! It will be a great time for sure, but that doesn’t fit everyone’s style.


Mexico can offer those more budget-conscious beach bummers an array of coastlines with fun beach activities that are a bit cheaper than the regular hotspots. Will you be giving anything up? Will the food be nice? Will still be pretty? Are there things to do? Yes, yes, and yes, no worries on that. There’s plenty of cheap places in Mexico to visit on vacation, including great beach locations.

Want to bask under the sun, see ancient sites, have exciting water activities at your disposal, but stay in a more humble place? These are the beach spots for you. Don’t think you will be living too off the path though. We know people want to save a buck, but not necessarily give up on all modern day amenities. So here is a great list of some fantastic beaches to let loose on, without letting loose too much cash at the same time. Enjoy your time on the cheapest beach destination in Mexico!

6. Mazatlan

Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco shadow over this beach town, but that’s OK. That helps make it that much more charming and alluring. Without all the flashing lights and crowds, this beach can find itself on the map, but without being too much of a hot spot. This equals more affordable prices in the area. The historic square feature an opera house and some happening new restaurants. Of course, there are miles and miles of beach to bask on.


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