6 Biomedical Engineering Summer Programs for High School Students

Here are some nice biomedical engineering summer programs for high school students. It is good to be prepared for future studies. Lots of colleges offer summer programs for high schoolers, hopefully, to be their future undergrads.

Since biomedical engineering is not an easy scientific field, it is better to come prepared to college, or, maybe find out that this scientific field is actually not for you. If that is the case, you might then try out something more general like 10 Best Engineering Camps for High Schoolers.

6 Biomedical Engineering Summer Programs for High School Students

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But before we continue to summer programs for high school students, let’s see what biomedical engineering is. As the name indicates, biomedical engineering consists of the application of engineering methods to biology and medicine in order to improve health and health care. Since it is a vast scientific field, there are many things biomedical engineers can do. Some examples are developing technology for printing 3D biological organs, developing orthopedic implants, stem cell engineering, biomedical signal processing, etc. These fields all require diverse knowledge in many other fields such as chemical engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, materials science, mechanical engineering, etc., because biomedical engineering is an interdisciplinary field.

Since biomedical engineering is a huge field, there are many career possibilities for biomedical engineers. According to United States Bureau of Labor mean annual wage for biomedical engineers is $89,970, and there are around 20,590 employees working in this field. Highest employment levels are in the fields of medical equipment and supplies manufacturing, while the top paying are those employed in management, scientific, and technical consulting services (with an annual mean wage of $109,380).

Our main resources for researching good biomedical engineering summer programs for high school students were Pathways to Science, Study, College Transitions, ThoughtCo  and Quora. We have also checked the ranking of universities we have put on our list on Top Universities and U.S. News. Many of those aren’t free, but don’t hesitate to also take a look at 15 Summer Programs for High School Students with Scholarships.

All in all, whatever your science preferences are, biomedical engineering is a great example of combining different scientific knowledge in order to develop new techniques and methods in the future medicine. Even if in the end you realize it is not your cup of tea, you will at least acquire a basic knowledge of science methodology and laboratory research and analysis. So, let’s see some recommendations for biomedical engineering summer programs for high school students.