6 Biggest Gaming Conventions in the US

If you have been wondering which gaming conventions to attend this year here’s a list of the biggest gaming conventions in the US to help you out. They are the coolest and the craziest of the gaming conventions around and should absolutely be on your convention exploring itinerary.

For those who are not quite getting the geek talk, game conventions are gatherings centered on games, be it video games or role-playing games, and every crazy gaming nerd has dreamt of attending one of these at least once in their lives. They are typically held once in a year, however, there are a lot of them happening year-round throughout the world. Gamers know how to have a riot of a time and these conventions guarantee just that! Here, gaming enthusiast meet like-minded people, engage in different game-related activities, play miniature war games, cosplay as their favorite game characters and basically have a helluva time, generally spanning over 2-3 consecutive days.

If you are new to the gaming domain, but are enjoying your new-found adrenaline game rush and think you might be a dormant game junkie waiting only to find your favorite games to start pulling those all-night gaming sprees, we think one of 10 Best Selling Video Games of All Time might work for you. And, the next step of your fandom certification should be attending a convention. You get to meet thousands that share your passion in gaming and actually become a part of the community when you start doing so. And, that’s where our list of 6 biggest gaming conventions in the US comes in, to direct to you to the ones you should start out by attending!

Barone Firenze / Shutterstock.com

Barone Firenze / Shutterstock.com

You have no idea how big the gaming community is until you actually participate in a convention. The sheer magnitude of these is massive and the footfalls run into tens of thousands sometimes. So what are we waiting for let’s put our consoles away and get out our planners to mark our dates for a real life experience with the gaming world. Here’s the list of conventions!