6 Best Smartphones with 1080 HDMI Output

If you want to connect your smartphone to your TV, you’ll want to get one of the best smartphones with 1080 HDMI output.

HDMI or High-Definition Multimedia Interface allows you to transmit high-quality audio and video from a source device like video gaming console, PC and DVD player to a compatible device such as TV, monitor or projector. Let’s say you want to watch a stream on your laptop, but the monitor is quite small and won’t give you the full viewing pleasure. Just take an HDMI cable, connect one end to your laptop, other to your big HD TV and there you go. Everything looks better, starting from the image to the sound. While the first version of HDMI supported 1080p resolution, the latest version announced in January of 2017 supports 4K and 8K resolution.

6 Best Smartphones with 1080 HDMI Output

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At first, HDMI support was reserved for DVD players, home theaters, and PCs. But, as smartphone and tablet technology advanced, manufacturers made it possible to connect these devices to TVs and monitors via HDMI link. There are older smartphones that have genuine micro HDMI ports that require a cable with one smaller connector on one side and standard HDMI connector on the other side. Then you have smartphones equipped with MHL (Mobile High-definition Link) that enable you to connect your smartphone with TV via micro USB port using a special adapter. It also supports 1080p resolution, but your TV has to be equipped with MHL port. If this is too complicated, think of it this way. MHL does basically the same job as HDMI, but it isn’t HDMI. There is also SlimPort technology, which is similar to MHL. If you just want a phone with great security features, take look at our list of Best Smartphones with Fingerprint Scanner.

Considering that the name of the article is best smartphones with 1080 HDMI output, we only decided to take into consideration smartphones that have dedicated HDMI ports and not the ones having MHL support. We used the GSM Arena as to identify the smartphones with HDMI port and then singled out the smartphones with best specifications by assigning points for the processor, RAM, storage, and camera. After summing everything into our IM Score, the list took shape. Let’s take a look.