6 Best Places to Visit in Lithuania Before You Die

In the following compilation of the best places to visit in Lithuania before you die, you’ll get to learn more about what this vibrant nation has to offer. Lithuania is an energetic and eccentric nation that has undergone fast modernization since gaining independence and is now positioned as a leading tourist destination. Lithuanians are also more welcoming and exuberant than their Baltic neighbors.

The small size of Lithuania makes it inexpensive to move around. In addition, even in the well-trodden areas, the amount of travelers is still low and this leaves you feeling that there is still so much that you can discover in this location.



Historic towns are prime destinations in Lithuania. The top 3 towns each have sufficient attractions that you can check out within one weekend. The huge Vilnius Old Town has the atmosphere of a rich capital city and you can also experience the splendor of the Baroque churches. Kaunas is filled with examples of early architecture that is enclosed by one of the biggest fortification systems in Europe. Seaside Klaipeda town boasts of scenic beaches and also some picturesque Lutheran Lithuanian and German heritage.

The natural sceneries of Lithuania are diverse ranging from, large forest areas, lakes, rivers and unique wooden villages. The national parks are also filled with interesting species that you can check out in your tour of this country. The northern latitudes don’t stop Lithuanian fun seekers as the resorts bring in thousands of foreigners and locals alike. The seaside resorts are usually quite popular during the summer, while the mineral springs in Druskininkai attract visitors throughout the year. You can also have a look at the best places to visit in Russia before you die.

Even though Lithuanian towns may appear drab at first sight, one can easily find unique or historic gems in them. Historic manors and massive churches are prime sights, but several specific towns offer a lot more attractions. Here are the best places to visit in Lithuania before you die.