6 Best Healthcare and Hospital Jobs For 16 Year Olds

I bet that you have never considered hospital jobs as something appropriate for teenagers, but nevertheless, we provide you here with the list of the best healthcare and hospital jobs for 16 year olds. Even though hospitals usually hire people older than 18 with appropriate degrees, practice and certificates, there are some jobs which can be done by those who are younger. Hospitals are also expected to employ those who are well trained to work with patients, but inexperienced 16 year olds can find similar jobs too.

Hospitals have to follow very strict laws, so, consequently, teenagers have to behave in accordance with these laws and they have to obey them. In this way, they can avoid finding themselves in some awkward or difficult situations. Nobody wants to be asked to treat a bleeding wound if they are not educated or trained for that. The worst thing that might happen to you is to pass out in a ward full of patients and nurses.

6 Best Healthcare and Hospital Jobs For 16 Year Olds


We know that every 16-year-old teenager dreams about having a well-paid job, but at this age, you should be prepared to do a lot of volunteering if you choose healthcare as your employment. Volunteering is actually a good starting point and preparation if you decide to do healthcare jobs in the future. As a volunteer, you are not expected to have a high education or to take on a lot of responsibilities. On the other hand, you can learn a lot and gain a lot of practice. Once you gain the necessary experience, you might start getting some payments. Options are numerous since there are various positions to start from, some of which include those in nursing homes, care centers, elderly care and others.

To make this list, our research can start from those who are willing to employ a 16-year-old with no working experience. In the beginning, they tend to find out what kind of an employee you are, so the first jobs you get usually do not involve any contact with patients, but the help in providing necessary supplies, providing extra blankets or water and providing updates for patients’ families. Although it is not highly possible, you can also be employed within the first line of patients’ support, meaning as a nurse assistant or additional help in the surgical room.

There is always an option to work in small offices and practices where an extra pair of hands is always needed, so it is a good idea to find those where they are willing to employ a 16-year-old. Bear in mind the fact that you still attend school and that this should be a part-time job. If you want to work in a hospital and nowhere else, then you might also consider finding a job in a canteen or a café at the hospital. There you can still be in contact with patients and their families and you are a part of everyday conversations which are most often related to medicine. You are also in contact with people working at the hospital who can give you great recommendations if you decide to continue working in the same field in the future and you can choose one of the jobs from our list of 16 Best Healthcare Jobs for High School Graduates with no Experience.

When a serious institution like a hospital employs a teenager, it is expected to do some tests beforehand, to carry out drug testing and require recommendations from the high school the teenager attends. You should get prepared for this procedure, but there is no need to worry about it. Working in a hospital and in healthcare will provide you with a lot of knowledge and a completely new life experience. It will also teach you how to deal with tough situations and work with people in special circumstances. What you learn can later be used in everyday situations; it can be a significant piece of information in your CV when you need a recommendation for a future job, or, if you decide to study medicine, this is definitely the best way to prepare yourself.

Concerning all the above mentioned, we needed to make considerable effort to make a list ofbest healthcare and hospital jobs for 16 year olds. We checked Quora and Vinted, which are forums, specialized for teenagers’ jobs, and compared their answers with the answers on a similar question somebody asked on Yahoo Answers. Eventually, we did not only make a list, but we also ranked the jobs according to the number of times they were mentioned on those forums. Now you can stop wondering which the best healthcare and hospital jobs for 16 year olds are. We have found that out for you.