16 Best Healthcare Jobs for High School Graduates with No Experience

If you have finished high school and want to start your career in health care, then you will need a list of 16 best healthcare jobs for high school graduates with no experience. However, it is not easy to find jobs which require no experience but pay well. Entry-level jobs are usually badly-paid and they imply a lot of work, poor support and a bad environment, so people who are at the beginning of their working career often experience a huge disappointment. That does not have to be the case with medical jobs at all. As a matter of fact, many healthcare jobs require some level of education which is, together with some experience in this field, in most cases gained through education at medical schools, and only after a proper education can one gain some working experience in the healthcare industry.

There are many opportunities for healthcare jobs even if the only thing you have is a high school diploma. Those jobs can include working with patients or far away from them, in laboratories or offices which provide healthcare and help people as well. Many job counselors have grouped all healthcare jobs that require no experience in five groups – assisting in medical researches, working in pharmaceutical companies, working in nursing homes or helping people as personal assistants, medical writing jobs and working in medical administration. All of these jobs require only basic knowledge, no experience or training is necessary and they offer many other opportunities, like learning and preparing for other jobs in the healthcare industry. Working with patients is never easy, but if you start by doing simple jobs and gradually get to know the people and their needs and problems, you can learn much more than you have learned in your high school.

16 Best Healthcare Jobs for High School Graduates with No Experience

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Having a young and inexperienced worker does not have to be a bad thing. Many companies and hospitals know that and they do not hesitate to hire beginners with a high school diploma. They are prepared for their lack of practice, but nevertheless, they accept their fresh knowledge gained in high school. That could be an opportunity for you. Maybe the list of the companies which are always looking for beginners can help you start your career, but many of them imply working in offices or pharmaceutical companies. If you want to be a medical worker in the future, you need to start by working in a hospital with patients.

Entry-level hospital jobs are not easy as you might think since you spend most of the time working directly with patients. They are actually the most difficult jobs in the healthcare industry, but, on the other hand, the best partitioning jobs as well. You will not have to take many responsibilities (although being serious to a certain extent is always necessary at work), but you will have a chance to learn from professionals in their working environment. However, these jobs require a proper knowledge and a high school diploma, so you need to look for hospital jobs where high school diploma is needed. Since many of these jobs are similar to those which do not require diploma at all at the beginning, we started from our list of 11 Highest Paid Healthcare Jobs Without a Degree to make the first list of all jobs offered in healthcare which paid well.

It is not a coincidence that we started from the best-paid jobs because you want to know which 16 best healthcare jobs for high school graduates with no experience are, and a good salary is one of the criteria which define the best job. We also checked the job outlook and possibly growing needs for a particular job in the years to come. The field where there is a growing demand for some types of jobs is highly opened for beginners, too, because a lot of work requires as many employers are possible. We used a couple of lists with recommendations for beginners and made a list with most often mentioned jobs there. Then we ranked those jobs according to the appropriate annual salaries and the job outlook (taken from BLS). So, do not hesitate to ask for a job in the most popular clinics and companies, even though you might think it is impossible to start working there. Healthcare is widely open for professionals who want to learn and work, so if you are willing to improve yourself and do your best, this can be an opportunity for you. So, let’s see the list of best healthcare jobs for high school graduates with no experience.