6 Best Golf Swing Techniques for Beginners and Seniors

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With all of the different tips and approaches, how is one to know what the best golf swing techniques for beginners and seniors are? If you’re guessing you’ll find them right here in this article, then let’s just say—I like the way you think! For it is here that you will not only learn some of the best golf swing methods, but you’ll find a ton of resources to refer to as your Tiger Woods status progresses. Like, 7 Easiest Golf Irons to Hit for Beginners or Mid Handicappers. Bam! There’s your first one! And once you’ve read it and have found a suitable club, you’ll be ready to work on that swing!

At a first glance, when you’re flipping through the channels and somehow find yourself suckered into the suspense of a televised golf tournament, you watch these professional golfers whack balls around and it all looks so simple that you can’t help but think to yourself, “I could do THAT”. But the truth is: no, no you can’t! Once one actually gets serious about golfing they find that, like any sport, there is a lot of technique involved that requires a great deal of practice to perfect. Golf is not just dressing up in a snazzy outfit and smacking a tiny ball with a fancy, metal stick towards a small, random hole in the ground. And judging by the simple fact that your eyes are reading the words in this particular listicle, you’ve already taken a whack at it and realized that you might need a few tips to work on your technique.

Best Golf Swing Techniques for Beginners and Seniors

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So, here you are, and it’s a good thing you’ve made it here, too because I’ve considered the beginners and senior citizens that wish to improve their golf swing, but don’t need to be overwhelmed with all of the clutter that the world wide web has to offer them. Instead, I’ll be helping correct those simple mistakes that beginners often make, sharing the best and easiest tips to get you that perfect swing every time and sending you on your way with more helpful resources to refer to and coach you along as you progress.

Before you get too excited, let me tell ya how I came up with this particular list, ‘cause I gotta say, I could have gone a number of different ways with it considering there are not only endless tips to aid you in getting the proper swing, but there are different styles of swings, too (like the ‘no backswing’ golf swing). Since we are taking a look at the best golf swing techniques for beginners and seniors, I thought it best to leave the fancy swinging techniques out of the picture altogether in light of the fact that a: beginners should start with the basics and work their way up to fancy swing status no matter how easy the technique, and b: while a senior might be a more seasoned player than a beginner, they might not be quite as limber, and therefore could still get a lot from sharpening up the swing that they are already comfortable with or perhaps, finding a more comfortable swing for them.  If you happen to be a senior beginner golfer you are going to want to note that there may be a different golf swing for the older man. But first, you’ll want to get the right golf stance for seniors. I liked how this senior golf swing youtube clip went about giving a clear senior golf swing analysis from multiple angles that are easy to follow.

Even with sticking to techniques that are both basic enough for beginners and can still be helpful for golfers with a bit more experience, there are still countless tips instructing players to ‘stand like this’, ‘grip your club this way’, ‘angle your elbows just so!’ and yadda yadda. Definitely, good stuff to know, but kind of an information overload! Especially for a beginner; now, you’re concentrating all too hard on every little aspect of your swing and before you know it you’ve messed it up. Again. That’s why I thought it better to break the golf swing down into six steps and give you the best piece of advice for each step. Basically, give you the fundamentals of the fundamentals, if you will; which are also the base of any fancy technique I could show you, anyway. Because in all reality, the easiest golf swing to master is your own. And with these basic golf swing tips, you’ll be able to do just that! And now, let’s see which are the best golf swing techniques for beginners and seniors.

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