7 Easiest Golf Irons to Hit for Beginners or Mid Handicappers

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If you are planning to take up golf as your new hobby, you might want to check out our list of easiest golf irons to hit for beginners or mid handicappers.

When first engaging in any sports, apart from being patient and persistent, you also have to invest in buying equipment that will suit your skills, needs and make it easier for you to progress. If it is golf we are talking about, the equipment you use is even more important. It will take some time before you have a perfect swing and that is why it is essential that you begin with the best golf club. Last time we devoted our attention to senior golfers where we listed 6 best fairway woods for senior golfers. This article will help those who just recently decided to try themselves out in this sport.

7 Easiest Golf Irons to Hit for Beginners or Mid Handicappers


A golf club has three components: head, grip, and shaft. The club head has an impact on trajectory and accuracy. The grip is the part of the club that ensures that you can hold club firmly. While greatly underappreciated, shaft too has a significant effect on play. When playing at a professional level, players are allowed to have up to 14 clubs in their bag. As suggested by Laser Golf Range Finder, a beginner golf club set of 14 clubs will usually consist of 1 driver, one hybrid, seven irons, one putter, two woods, and two wedges.

Golf Guide for Beginners suggests that “the best beginner golf clubs are easy to hit, provide loads of forgiveness and distance for consistency, and are designed to make it easier to get the ball in the air.“ Hitting the Green indicates that an over-sized club is helpful in trying to solve the problem of inconsistent hitting. Larger surface of the club decreases the chance of missed shots.

We referred to Golfer Hill for an explanation of what characteristics golf iron should have in order to help you improve your game and so it is easier for us to create our list.

When choosing the best iron, you should pay attention to the club head design and shaft. Irons with a cavity back have clubs that are built with a larger clubface and are heavier around the club’s sole instead in the middle. These are the irons that suit best beginners. They contribute to increasing the speed of your swing. Moreover, because you lack a precision as a beginner, a larger clubface will help you a lot in perfecting your game.

There are two types of shaft: steel and graphite shafts. Both have a different level flexibility. As a beginner who has slow swing speed, you should choose shafts which have more flexibility. As the speed of your swing increases, you start using shafts which are less flexible.

When buying the irons, you should also keep in mind the following characteristics of golf irons: forgiveness, wider sole, and sweet spot. Golf irons which offer maximum forgiveness are the perfect choice for beginners. They produce shots that travel where you intend them to. Wider sole will make the ball travel the distance you want it to. Wider soles also help in producing a smoother strike. Center of gravity is contained in the sweet spot, and it has a great impact on your consistency when playing. Golf irons which have a flawless center of gravity or sweet spot are what beginners should look for.

As suggested by Hitting the Green, super game improvement irons are best for beginners. They “offer perimeter weighting, cavity back, a wider sole, and a low center of gravity too.”

Having these characteristics in mind, and taking into account the reviews found on Today’s Golfer, and the rankings provided by Golf Monthly and Golf Digest, we created the list of easiest golf irons to hit for beginners or mid handicappers.

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