6 Best Franchise Businesses In India Without Investment

If you’re looking for your next business adventure in the global market, this list of the 6 best franchise businesses in India without investment is for you.

I’m all about adventure. And while, starting a business in a different country sounds daunting, it also sounds like it would be a cool experience. On the other hand, I really wouldn’t even know where to begin when it comes to running my own business, so I should probably stay away from that. For many people, the idea of running your own business or businesses is attractive for many reasons. One of the biggest pros is working for yourself and setting your own schedule. Life would be perfect if I could set my own work schedule. You can also open your own business in pretty much any field or focus you want, as long as you’re at least a little bit knowledgeable on your topic. For those with little business background (like me) and who are nervous to start from the ground up with a business, franchises can be a good place to start. A franchise allows you to expand an already opened business, through a special licensing to do so. You’re still the boss, but you just don’t have to start from scratch and some of the hard stuff is already done for you.

 6 Best Franchise Businesses In India Without Investment


If you’re interested in joining the ranks of India’s economy, it could be a good move. For a little background on sustainable businesses in India, check out this list of 8 high profit margin businesses to start in India. But, before you get too excited, you’ll need to jump a lot of hoops to start doing business in another country. According to Trak you’ll need to go through several steps such as having a valid passport, filling out lots of paperwork pertaining to your business-type, and paying fees to get approval. On a high note, India is proving itself as a major global economy year after year. The Economic Times estimates major growth in the country’s stocks and investments in the next year alone.

To dive deeper into business in India, we came up with our own list of businesses in the country without investment. To make this list, we consulted several sources such as Franchise India, Franchisezing and FAI, but since all franchises from our list have zero investment, but high income, we found that the best way we could rank them is by the name.

Without further ado, here’s a look at 6 best franchise businesses in India without investment.