6 Atheist Scientists Who Now Believe in God

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While you might think that atheism is on the rise (and you’d be right), the 6 atheist scientists who now believe in God are proof that religion is still playing a major role today. You might think (and again you’d be right) that there is little to no intermingling between science and religion. After all, one is based on outright facts while the other is based on faith. If we could prove the existence of God and Heaven and Hell, it would not be called religion, but would be known as “science.”

Now, I don’t understand why people try to convince themselves as well as their brethren that religion is based on science and vice versa. If a discovery is made, they will somehow use wordings from a book written over a thousand years ago and try to convince everyone that the verse was mentioning that specific scientific discovery. But I don’t understand why a link has to be created at all. After all, if you are part of a religion, you believe in a God whose existence cannot be proven, rely on miracles which you attribute to him on the word of a person who lived thousands of years before you did. In other words, faith is the basis of religion and what makes it unique is the fact that you believe in it without evidence. Then why do you want to prove that your holy book has mentioned some obscure scientific discovery?

 6 Atheist Scientists who Now Believe in God


On the same note, many people who, instead of accepting whatever they have been told, turn to seek answers and question what they have learned. They want proper, factual answers to their questions and these are the people who generally become scientists. And as you delve more and more into the world of science, you believe more in fact and your faith decreases. Hence, you would think that there is a greater chance of a religious person becoming an atheist after getting involved in science than an atheist scientist turning to religion.

However, maybe God does have a sense of humor, as some of the most prominent scientists in history, who were stark atheists throughout their lives, actually started to believe in God later on, despite having dedicated all their life to science. Some converted after experiences with people who were dying and reevaluated their entire belief system while others believed that their work showed that a higher intelligence had to be involved in order for the world to operate as it did. Critics have, of course, denounced these conversions, with many stating that the existence of misery, depression, poverty, death and war are all evidence that a God does not exist or if He does, He is not as merciful as the religions make Him out to be, with some of these critics including the 18 Most Famous Atheists in the World. However, they have been unable to convince the 6 atheist scientists who now believe in God, which include:

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