5 Way to Adopt a Child Without a Lot of Money

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If you’re dreaming of expanding your family but lack the money to do so, then read our list of 5 ways to adopt a child without a lot of money.

For most of us, children are the greatest treasure in the world. While some dream big and strive to prosper in their careers and get rich, others have very simple dreams. They usually include getting a good education, finding a great job, getting married, and having children and not necessarily in that order. So having children is part of the natural course of life and something we need to do, during the course of life, just like getting a college education or buying a house. They give meaning to everything else, to all the struggles we go through and hard work we must endure.

6 Way to Adopt a Child Without a Lot of Money


But these simple dreams seem unreachable for so many people. While some people are blessed with many children, others suffer for not being able to have them. Couples who can’t  have kids spend a fortune on expensive treatments in order to try and improve their possibilities to conceive. When they don’t succeed, they usually turn to adoption. Becoming a parent through adoption is the perfect alternative that is a dream come true for many desperate parents. The child gets a home and all the care needed, and parents get someone to love and nurture.

But adoption is a complicated process. In order to be considered for adopting, parents go through a long application process in order to show that they are fit to adopt a child. As if that isn’t enough, adoption costs are insanely high making it impossible for so many people to open the doors of their homes and become parents. The high cost of adoption shatters their dreams of providing a loving home to a child. We wrote about all the costs of adopting in our list of Requirements, Costs of Adopting a Baby from the Philippines. Adoption costs can go up to $40,000 and sadly, many families do not have that kind of money in their bank accounts. So what can those willing to expand their families do if they but lack money?

Luckily, we did a little researching on this subject and we found various websites that deal with this problem such as Child Welfare and Wise Bread. We compiled a list of 5 ways to adopt a child without a lot of money.

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