5 Reasons Why Nicotine Free Cigarettes Are Harmful

Our 5 reasons why nicotine free cigarettes are harmful will show you that there are no safe cigarettes. Every smoke you inhale is dangerous and it is a potential threat to your health.

Nicotine free cigarettes are primarily aimed towards a population that wants to smoke but doesn’t want side effects of regular cigarettes like addiction and health issues. People who consume nicotine free cigarettes are assured that since there is no nicotine, their health can’t be affected. The truth is just the opposite. Nicotine free cigarettes may not create addiction, but they contain various chemicals and additives that are sure to have a hazardous effect on health in a long term.

5 Reasons Why Nicotine Free Cigarettes Are Harmful

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Nicotine free cigarettes come in a variety of forms. There are herbal cigarettes that we talked about in our list of 5 reasons why herbal cigarettes aren’t safe to smoke, cocoa bean filled nicotine free cigarettes and nicotine free e – cigarettes among others. All of these cigarettes are advertised as a safe alternative to regular cigarettes, but we have good reasons to doubt the “safe” part.

By the way, you can watch the video below to find out 7 cigarette brands that contain the lowest tar and nicotine.

In this article we want to focus the attention on the fact that even nicotine free smoking is harmful, so we combined the reasons why it’s unsafe to smoke herbal cigarettes, nicotine – free e-cigarettes, and nicotine free cigarettes.

To get our list of 5 reasons why nicotine free cigarettes are harmful, we used various studies and articles like Med Page Today, Science Daily, Live Strong, Quit Smoking Community and others. After a thorough research, we present to you our findings.