5 Reasons Why Herbal Cigarettes Aren’t Safe to Smoke

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You may think that you can escape the danger of tobacco with herbal cigarettes, but our list of 5 reasons why herbal cigarettes aren’t safe to smoke may prove you otherwise. So before you light one more up, we recommend you to stay with us until the end of the article.

For those of you who are not familiar with herbal cigarettes, they are 100% nicotine and tobacco free cigarettes that use a mixture of herbs instead. Because they don’t contain nicotine, herbal cigarettes are considered addictive free and healthier substitute for regular, tobacco filled cigarettes. If health risks mean nothing to you, then check out our list of 5 best tasting cigarettes for new smokers.

Besides being enjoyed for their relaxing and tasteful aroma, herbal cigarettes have found some other uses. They are commonly used by people who want to quit smoking, and it is considered that they give a good result. Also, they are widely used in the film industry, for the smoking scenes featuring non-smoking actors.

5 Reasons Why Herbal Cigarettes Aren't Safe to Smoke


Herbal cigarettes use standard rolling papers and filters like the regular cigarettes. Their filling is mostly made of corn silk and different herbs like cinnamon, mint or vanilla. Some manufacturers also use clover leaves, rose petals, lettuce, and many other additives.

Although advertised as a healthy, non-addictive replacement for regular tobacco cigarettes, herbal cigarettes don’t come without risk. Even the most studies conducted about herbal cigarettes don’t support the claims that herbal cigarettes are safe to smoke. We decided to do a bit of a research and find 5 reasons why herbal cigarettes aren’t safe to smoke. For our sources, among others, we used researches and studies conducted by Tobacco In Australia, Quit, NCBI and Health Day. Let’s see what reasons did we find!

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