5 Most Socially Responsible Companies in America

In a news cycle dominated by company cover ups, scandals and deceit, it’s become even more important to applaud companies who do well by doing good. This list aims to acknowledge and celebrate socially responsible organizations, to not only spread the word about their good work but to also set an example for other companies on how they can incorporate social good into their missions or partner with an existing social enterprise.

And this isn’t just about generic CSR; consumers are purposely seeking to support socially responsible brands. Nielsen’s Global Survey of Corporate Social Responsibility found that more than half of people surveyed “are willing to pay more for products and services provided by companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact”.

These five are a handful of the most progressive and impactful double bottom line nonprofits and for-profit social enterprises in America.

5 Most Socially Responsible Companies in America

1. Packed with Purpose:

Packed with Purpose is the only b2b gifting company with a social mission that is transforming the age-old practice of client gifting and wrapping it with corporate conscience. Packed with Purpose (PwP) is also designed to make sure companies are top of mind for their own clients, helping grow their business by making the practice of gifting turnkey for client work anniversaries, milestones, customer prospects, donor thank-you’s and valued employees.

So, what’s in a typical Packed with Purpose gift box?

Be it granola made by female victims of abuse, candles made by adolescent, homeless mothers, or urban honey harvested by the formerly incarcerated, Packed with Purpose curates gift box offerings where each product supports an employee with barriers to the traditional workforce (check out one of their top sellers: A Sweet Thanks, Deluxe). Packed with Purpose will also customize gift box curations with a company’s logo, etc… for $1 extra per box.

The PwP team believes with every gift shipped to customers/clients, a message is sent about the giving company’s core values. Today smart companies are looking for ways to break through the clutter and demonstrate CSR while establishing an emotional connection with their customers.