5 Most Socially Responsible Companies in America

2. Central City Coffee:

Portland’s Central City Coffee is a social enterprise employing Portland’s most vulnerable – homeless single mothers – and putting them to work roasting and distributing delicious craft coffees. CCC sources it’s beans specifically to enhance economic growth in coffee producing countries. Central City Coffee’s full-time, day shift hours tend to be a great fit for mothers who need a set schedule and reliable childcare to reenter the workforce. And the skills they learned—marketing, office administration, sales—set them up for success when seeking meaningful employment after training at CCC.

Central City Coffee was created by Central City Concern in 2013. Concern a nonprofit organization founded to meet the increasingly complex needs of homeless and very low income individuals, Concern now provides safe and affordable housing and outreach programs connecting 13,000+ at-risk clients per year with a network of peers who support a safe and sober lifestyle.

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