5 Most Overrated Smartphones in 2015

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The hype is just too extreme for these 5 most overrated smartphones in 2015. Smartphones have integrated so much in today’s society that a lot of technologies now revolve around it. The population of each country is slowly conforming, and more and more people are buying smartphones. Many people will agree that smartphones may not be truly necessary for daily living, but it will not erase the fact that people have grown too fond of the convenience these handheld devices provide. With this, the price of smartphones continue to increase as we continue to pay for better technology and like most other products we have today, we also pay for the brand and the name associated with the phone. Smartphones have even got tiers of models and brands now depending on your budget and social standing. This is surprising considering that around 4-5 years ago smartphones were almost non-existent.

One of the major things that make smartphones overrated is the price tag. Some brands and phones are what many consider as too expensive when compared to other phones of similar caliber and capacity. You may notice that there is a point to compare between this list and our list of 10 Most Expensive Smartphones in the World. That is, however, the nature of markets today, and not only for smartphone products. Even other products are defined by prices and brands. It’s difficult sometimes to trust a new brand when we already have examples of tried and tested names. Another thing that really makes a phone overrated is the hype. New models of previously successful phones are often talked about a lot and are advertised so much in different forms of media. Some people may get irritated over the fact that most people can’t stop talking about the phones in this list.

 Most Overrated Smartphones in 2015


It’s hard to put a concrete measurable rating when it comes to something being overrated as it really depends on the perception of people on the product or brand. As such, this list is based on how much people complain or how negatively they feel about the phone. You may notice that some popular phones or best-selling phones are included in this list. It may be true that the more popular one becomes, the more critics he/she receives. Negativities may often branch out from feelings of envy, a negative association, a personal experience and so much more. Fortunately, we are not here to go on with such a deep analysis; we will just take these phones for what people think they are, overrated. Let’s explore this list of 5 Most Overrated Phones in 2015:

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